Preparing For Another Guest

Today the CMC support team for Keilin received word that Keilin gave birth to her daughter, Amor (which means Love). Keilin was an asylum seeker from Venezuela and lived in our church apartment with her four-year-old son Gerald from January to April.  She made the difficult decision to leave the…

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A Missing Link

Last summer, leaders from Central District Conference (CDC) had a retreat to determine the conference theme for the next two years.  We landed on Wisdom.  That’s Wisdom with a capital W, as in the name given the feminine character in Proverbs 8 who raises her voice “at the topmost heights,…

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Tending and Attending

This coming Sunday is our second annual (?!?) Youth-led worship service, where not only will our young people be leading us in the various worship-leading roles, but three of them will also offer sermon meditations as the message for the day. This is our second year organizing this service, and…

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The Warm Winds of Heaven

Last spring I blogged about a first of its kind gathering of Mennonites and Jews at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) called “Reading the Bible after the Holocaust.”  We covered topics ranging from New Testament scholarship, shared historic experience, the dangers of emphasizing common ground in dialogue, Mennonites and the…

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Jane at 90

One of my favorite living humans I’ve never met, Jane Goodall, turned 90 this month.  She is, perhaps, the matron saint of paying attention. She is most famous for her work among the chimpanzees of Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania.  Initially an outsider to the scientific community, without a…

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