This month marks ten years I’ve been at Columbus Mennonite.  In a word, it’s been good, and I’m grateful to be thinking about more goodness ahead rather than looking for an exit ramp.  Pastoring is many things, and I may take some liberties this month or even summer to reflect…

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Midweek Blog: Values Driven Living

A friend recently recommended the book Unmasking Autism: Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity by Devon Price. This friend found the book to be helpful in understanding his own experiences as a “masked” Autistic person, so I decided to read it to help myself better understand and relate to him…

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Word and Spirit

CMC is having a good book writing year.  This past Sunday Katie Mast shared that she and Ivan have co-authored a book with their daughter Krista about the family’s journey with Krista’s schizophrenia.  It’s rare enough for someone with this illness to be willing and able to write openly about…

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Living a Vision

This evening is the annual Commission Workshop.  This is when new and returning commission members, over 30 people, get together for a meal, get oriented to leadership and logistics, and have their first meeting of the commission year.  CMC commissions are Christian Ed, Community Life, Facilities, Shepherding, Worship, plus Leadership…

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Mennonites and Jews discussing Mennonites and Jews

Wednesday evening I got back from a three-day symposium titled “Jews and Mennonites: Reading the Bible After the Holocaust.” Much of the credit for this gathering goes to John Kampen who some of you know as the former Academic Dean of Bluffton University and Methodist Theological School in Ohio.  John’s…

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