And a Child Shall Lead Them

On February 7th, there will be a Children and Youth led Sunday service. When the idea first got proposed, I was extremely curious as to how something like this would turn out. Truth be told, it has been awesome to work with the kids on this! When I brought the idea to the Middlers class, they seemed extremely excited about it and immediately started conceptualizing various parts of the service and how to make them kid-related. Because of the way the service was divided, the Middlers class was given the responsibilities of designing the first third of the service. On top of this, we have been spending the past two weeks designing a banner specifically for this Sunday. Designing a banner is significantly more difficult than I had imagined.

We started with the scriptures that we will be using on that Sunday, the lectionary passage for that week is Luke 9:28-36 (Transfiguration of Jesus), and began to try and design a banner that would represent this passage best. It took some time to work out what kinds of things we wanted on this banner or what message we were going to try and convey, but eventually we had some designs come together and we began cutting various materials that very same day. The kids in the class worked really hard at cutting, piecing, and finalizing the various materials. It truly is amazing to see just how excited the kids were about being in front of their community to lead the service and create a banner. That is a true testimony to the kind of community these kids are surrounded by each week. February 7th will definitely be fun and exciting!