A well-deserved mini-Sabbatical

In case you missed it, Gwen is on Sabbatical.  Or more accurately, a three week mini-Sabbatical. 

Gwen has worked for the church 17 years and in 2012 stepped into the role of full time Office Administrator.  Since that time she has become increasingly integral in supporting commissions and Leadership Team and is now appropriately titled “Church Administrator.”

Gwen is keen on details while seeing the big picture.  She gets stuff done while being open for conversation with folks coming through the church.  She is both practical and an ideas person.  Gwen has been a go-to collaborator for me the whole time I’ve been at CMC.  And she’s fun to work with.      

It’s rare for administrators to get Sabbaticals, even short ones, but this was fully affirmed by Leadership Team.  Like pastoral Sabbaticals, Gwen receives full pay and benefits during this period without spending down vacation days.  The bulk of the time is intended for restoration.  The word Sabbath means “to cease!”   

It takes a community to pull off a Sabbatical.  Mim is increasing her hours to cover essential duties.  There will be a simplified Sunday bulletin.  Other staff and volunteer leaders are doing their part.  If you need something done this month that Gwen would normally do, we’ll try our best or you might have to wait.

I’m grateful this is a congregation that values Sabbaticals and periods of rest.  I trust we all benefit when we release one another to times of restoration and ceasing.