12 Hymns Project Nominations

You have likely started to hear rumors about the upcoming summer worship series.  Starting on June 11 and running through August 13, we will be exploring the results of our 12 Hymns Project (similar to the 12 Scriptures Project from three years ago).  During this worship series, we will center each service around one or two of the top twelve hymns or songs chosen by the congregation by exploring the theology of the words, the context or background, and how the musicality of the song enhances the experience of it.  There will be many opportunities to get involved, especially for musicians. 

But before we can make any of this happen, we need your help.  More specifically, we need as many nominations as possible to make this a good representation of the entire congregation. 

Nominations for the top 12 hymns began last week and will be accepted through May 14.  Paper nominations were included in the bulletin last Sunday and will continue to be available in both the lobby and the Fellowship Hall (near the mailboxes).  Completed forms may be placed in the boxes next to the forms or given directly to Pastor Mark.  Nominations may also be made online at the following link: 12 Hymns Nomination Form

Regardless of how you do it, you are invited to nominate up to 12 hymns or songs that resonate with you on a personal level or songs that you feel serve our congregation well in other ways. They do not have to be songs from one of our current three hymn books.  There is also a space for you to write any ways that you have struggled with the experience of music in worship.  These responses may be used to help explore the broader theme of the interplay of music and worship. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out how you can get involved beyond filling out a nomination form, please let Pastor Mark know.