100 years

One hundred years ago Mennonites were starving in Russia.  When Anabaptist groups in the US and Canada learned about their plight they came together to form a Central Committee dedicated to bringing material relief to these sisters and brothers. 

From those beginnings, the Mennonite Central Committee expanded into the international organization it is today, focusing on relief, development, and peace “in the name of Christ.”

For this centennial year, 2020, MCC has created an online collection of 100 stories told through pictures, text, video, and (mini) graphic novel.  It is both informative and beautiful in its format.  Perusing these stories gives a sense of how the church has responded to some of the world’s most dire needs in the last century.

Here are just a few of the 100 stories:

The First Mennonite Central Committee Journey

Told in graphic novel form, about how North American Mennonites sent three young men to investigate needs of fellow Mennonites in Russia.  One of them, Clayton Kratz, was captured by the Russian military and never heard from again.  Because of its format, this makes for an excellent way of introducing children to this story.

100 Years of Comfort

The story of how clothes and comforters have been a part of MCC’s work.  We know about comforters.

Civilian Public Service: Alternative Service During WWII

 During World War II MCC administered 62 camps and service units for conscientious objectors who were unwilling to kill in war but ready to serve their country in other ways.  Lots of pictures with commentary.

Rice Lessons

Told by our very own Ruth Leonard about their family’s time in the Henan Province of China, giving a window into the life of a young Chinese man who called himself “Weekly.”  Includes a picture of Ruth and Rick when they were taller than both sons!   

This weekend we’ll be observing the MCC centennial in two ways.  On Sunday we’ll hear a reading on the history of MCC and hear briefly from three CMC folks who have served with MCC.  The abbreviated sermon will reflect on how the witness of MCC connects with our faith.  On Monday, MLK Day, from 9am – 1pm, our Piecemakers are hosting a bonus knotting party.  Knotted comforters will go to MCC to be distributed to refugees around the world.