I am currently participating in an online course through the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary called “Exploring Anabaptist History and Theology.”  Because I attended a Methodist seminary, this is a chance for me to gain more formal training in the history of the tradition in which I am now ministering. 

Like many of you at Columbus Mennonite, I came to identify with the Mennonite tradition later in life; thus, much of the history of the Anabaptists movement that eventually brought forth the Mennonites is new to me.  (Those of you raised Mennonite just know this stuff, right...

Two weeks ago today three of us from CMC sat around a table at which Edith Espinal made the decision to go into sanctuary in a local congregation to avoid imminent deportation.  After one location quickly fell through, we found ourselves being asked whether the Mennonites would be able to step forward.  That Saturday morning Leadership Team met to get oriented to the situation and discuss how we might process this as a congregation.  After a congregational meeting the following day and another one that Wednesday evening we felt we had enough information and enough congregational support to...


I’m getting caught up on On Being podcasts, and just listened to Krista Tippet’s conversation with Mary Catherine Bateson.  She’s the author of the book Composing a Life, and daughter of anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson.

One of the things she touches on is the value of being a participant-observer in life.  It’s something she learned from her parents, who, as good anthropologists, learned to both carefully observe and actively participate in the...

In November of 1957 a group of students in Columbus started meeting together.  They were all from other places.  What they shared in common was an upbringing in a Mennonite congregation, and a desire to fellowship with each other.  As the group grew, they went from informal gatherings to establishing a new congregation, with charter membership established in September, 1962.  Over the next three years the young congregation would hire their first pastor, purchase the Neil Avenue Presbyterian Church at West 6th and Neil, and grow to a regular Sunday attendance of around 100, with...

August 9, 2017


An early morning run

along a familiar trail.

The air is cool for August.

The Olentangy crawls along

beside me.

There’s a fog over the water,

the river in another state,

hovering over itself,

contemplating its own possibility

to float,


vacate the predictable flow,

disappear and appear



The planet turns slowly and already

the sun is claiming the air.

The river remains,

in itself,

and follows...