Today CMC hosted a training for how Columbus faith communities can be in solidarity with immigrants.  The event was put on by Faith in Public Life, Central Ohio Worker Center, Church World Service, and Columbus People’s Partnership.  There were 40-50 people present, four of us from CMC.

One of the presenters, Dan Nejfelt, talked about messaging and the media.  One of his topics has broad application for how we might talk to others about any topic of concern.

Dan noted there has been lots of research done about what makes for a compelling message.  He proposed a...

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and this coming Sunday (April 23) our worship service will be focused on how Christian faith informs our commitments to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children and youth.  In 2006, Columbus Mennonite adopted the Keeping CMC Safe policy which helps guide us in this work.  Part of the policy includes a commitment to ongoing training and education on abuse prevention at a congregational level. 

This worship service will count as training for...

Back in 1968 Elizabeth O’Connor wrote a book called Journey Inward Journey Outward.  That language was already an important part of her congregation, Church of the Saviour, in Washington, DC.  The book helped popularize this simple but profound notion of both journeys happening simultaneously.

Living in Washington, DC in 1968 must have been intense.  It was the height of the Civil Rights movement that was transforming into a national Poor People’s Campaign.  Although I believe the book was published before either happened, it was the year both Martin Luther King Jr. and...


Inspired by the CMC children playing in the labyrinth in the fellowship hall on Sunday.


One way to walk a labyrinth

is to go slow, in quiet solitude.

Savor each step.

Mind the turns, the twists.

They, like your life,

fit a greater pattern

not easily perceived.

Go forward and,

though you don’t know how

to navigate

you will arrive in the center.


you could run.

You could weave and wind your way through,

nearly dizzy with delight.

Make a ruckus with...


Jim Wallis, longtime leader of the progressive evangelical organization Sojourners, is fond of saying that faith is always personal, but never private.  Faith ought to deeply impact us on the personal level, but, as Wallis’ saying goes, personal doesn’t mean private.  Faith, by its nature, affects the kinds of relationships we form and with whom we form them.  Wallis has persistently encouraged folks in the evangelical world to move beyond a “Me and God” mentality, finding ways to live out faith convictions for the common good....