One hundred years ago Mennonites were starving in Russia.  When Anabaptist groups in the US and Canada learned about their plight they came together to form a Central Committee dedicated to bringing material relief to these sisters and brothers. 

From those beginnings, the Mennonite Central Committee expanded into the international organization it is today, focusing on relief, development, and peace “in the name of Christ.”

For this centennial year, 2020, MCC has created an online collection of 100 stories told through...

Before we get too far into 2020, here’s a look back at 2019 , highlighting something of CMC life from each month. 

January | Winter Seminar included two different sessions with Ryan Schellenberg speaking about Paul, Prison, and the Justice of God. 

Over MLK day Austin McCabe Juhnke and I traveled to The Hague in The Netherlands to participate in a vigil to support an asylum family living inside the Bethel Church. We were hosted by local Mennonites and visited Menno Simon’s home area.   

February | Jr. youth helped present the story of...

Last week I learned that my spiritual director, Donita Harris, died from cancer. 

About two and a half years ago I decided I would try spiritual direction again after a long hiatus.  Donita was recommended to me, and after our first conversation it was clear she was someone from whom I could learn much. 

A good spiritual director helps you listen to the deepest parts of yourself, and Donita was good. 

We would meet every couple months in her home on the southeast side of Columbus.  I loved the room.  The artwork on the walls spoke of the African and feminine cords...

‘Tis the season for creative adaptations of the familiar nativity scene and Christmas story.

Not long after Eve and Lily were born I first saw this one:


This year I’ve been trying to stop myself whenever I refer to the Friday after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday.”  Sometimes it just comes out, but each time it does, I find that it catches in my throat.  When the words tumble out, I pause and consider how the “biggest shopping day of the year” has gained status alongside the many other holy days of this season. 

This is not a rant about consumerism.  Full disclosure: I bought something last Friday.  It was something I was planning to buy anyway but waited until that day so that I could save around $300.  But even if that weren’t true...