Last week I, along with a number of other people from CMC, attended the biennial Mennonite Church USA Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.  These conventions are always packed full of good conversations with friends, meaningful worship services, challenging and thought-provoking seminars, and lots and lots of walking (my step counter was over 30,000 one of the days). 

All of the worship services this year had the same central scripture passage that was unpacked by various speakers in different ways.  That passage was John 20:19-23, where Jesus appears to the disciples after the...

It’s church conference season.

This past weekend seven of us from CMC went up to Milwaukee
to attend the Central District Conference annual gathering.  There are 45 congregations within CDC, including
three new members, affirmed by delegate vote: Americus (Georgia), Emmanuel
(Sarasota, Florida), and Jubilee (Bellefontaine, Ohio). 

CDC has a wide geographical range – from St. Paul, Minnesota
to Sarasota; from Ames, Iowa to Harrisonburg, Virginia.  CMC is one of the larger congregations.  The hosts, a small congregation that rents worship

On Sunday Abbie and I celebrated our 18th
anniversary.  We decided our marriage is
now officially an adult.  I don’t think
we get a third vote at the polls.  Life has
been full of what feels like very adult tasks – raising a family, maintaining a
property, work responsibilities.

My parents treated us with a hotel stay in Yellow Springs
while they kept the girls.  It was a
mini-retreat.  Time was unhurried.  Conversations were uninterrupted.  We ate good food prepared and cleared by
someone else.  The rain mostly held off...

Let me start by offering our yearly reminder that the original Pride Parade was not a parade but a march to commemorate the riots that broke out in response to police brutality against the queer community.  This year will be the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. As we wave our rainbow flags and celebrate the advances that have been made toward greater justice for queer people, we should never forget those roots and how they compel us to continue to work for justice alongside the most vulnerable and oppressed among our...

[This week's midweek blog comes from our new pastoral intern, Scott Litwiller.]


Providing hospitality is one of my favorite spiritual disciplines. Cooking and preparing a meal allows me the opportunity to pause and meditate on, or pray for, those who are coming for dinner. Once they have arrived, I am able to show my love and care by serving the meal, pouring a drink, or pulling up another chair. Providing hospitality allows me to retain an amount of control and to know what to expect. Receiving hospitality, however, has been a learning curve.

Thinking of...