The theme of this Sunday’s service will be grief

A few years ago someone passed along the adage: “People aren’t afraid of change.  They’re afraid of loss.” I’m wary of blanket statements about “people,” but that one sounds more true than not.  We naturally protect what we love, which means we regularly push back against change out of fear of what or who we love being lost. 

Pandemic aside, modern living is essentially one change after another – culture, technology, habitat.  We’re adaptable creatures, but, Wow.  With change comes loss, and loss can produce...

In Scott Peck's book The Road Less Traveled the first sentence is "life is hard." Before April 20 I could count on three fingers significant "life is hard" scenarios. One left me reeling emotionally, another almost killed me, and the third left me in a spiritual abyss.

In 2004, after living in North Cyprus and then southeastern Turkey for 17 years, my husband Wilbur was abducted by three young guys who held him at gunpoint and threatened to kill him. They released him a couple hours later. We were told to leave. We packed up 14 years of home...

I am blessed.

I know, in this age of social media and shallow hashtags, that the word blessed has taken on some negative connotations recently, but I am reclaiming its beautiful, sacred applicability to my life.

I am blessed in more ways than I can count – let me #humblebrag to you now.

My close friends and family are healthy, which perhaps a year ago would not have been at the top of my list. My husband and I still have our jobs and can mostly work at home together. We do not have...

Hello Dear Columbus Mennonite Church

It is so good to stay in touch with you all through the communicator and Euchre games:)

Martin has been helping me record various pieces for my students to listen to , to share within church services and to send to friends and family.

Here are the Bourrees from Bach's Suite No. 3 in C Major for unaccompanied cello.  It reflects the joy and the meditative response to the certainty that God has us, He is always with us.

Love, Cora

They arrive in early spring and take up residence next to me.  I have tried to meet them but they seem shy and aloof and quickly leave.  In my comings and goings, they yield to me and move out of my way.  Sometimes I tiptoe toward the house, thinking I do not want to disturb them, but I must have startled them because they let out a squawk and quickly leave.  This is not the first year they chose to live next to me.  Perhaps it is the fourth year, so I am guessing, even with their shyness, they must still like living next to me. They practiced social distancing with me...