‘Tis the season for creative adaptations of the familiar nativity scene and Christmas story.

Not long after Eve and Lily were born I first saw this one:


This year I’ve been trying to stop myself whenever I refer to the Friday after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday.”  Sometimes it just comes out, but each time it does, I find that it catches in my throat.  When the words tumble out, I pause and consider how the “biggest shopping day of the year” has gained status alongside the many other holy days of this season. 

This is not a rant about consumerism.  Full disclosure: I bought something last Friday.  It was something I was planning to buy anyway but waited until that day so that I could save around $300.  But even if that weren’t true...

For the last several months we have included this statement at the top of our worship bulletin:

We acknowledge we are gathering on land where Miami, Osage, Shawnee, and other Indigenous peoples have lived and worked and loved. We continue to work and pray for justice and conciliation.

The inclusion of such statements is a growing practice for institutions, and at the beginning of conferences, meetings, and worship services.    Several of us at CMC had experienced gatherings where this was included and were moved by its power.  We’ve also attended workshops such as...

These last two days I’ve been in Washington, DC
with other members of the National Sanctuary Collective.  This is a group
of 8-10 people in sanctuary and their supporters that Edith has been
communicating with regularly.  The Collective shares a common strategy of
being very public with their stories as a way of gathering broad support and
catching the attention of elected officials.  This time in DC builds on
previous advocacy efforts with members of both parties to use their influence
in whatever way possible to improve the chances of each person...

Our worship series on healthy sexuality wrapped up at the end of October.  If you missed any of those services, you can find the sermons posted on our website.  While that series was going, the High School Sunday School class was using a companion curriculum to explore the same themes that were being explored during worship. 

For the last Sunday in the series, I wanted to figure out some way to bring everything back together and help the class reflect on everything we had talked about with an eye toward a bigger picture of...