Adult Education

Our life of learning more of God and from each other continues on Sunday mornings during the Christian Education hour.

Class being offered during the Fall

Holistic Introduction to the Bible (Library)          

A class for those of us who did not learn Bible fundamentals as children, or would simply like a refresher. “Are you interested in learning more about the Bible, but don't know where to start? Join us for a fun, informal introduction to the Bible. We will discuss the broad timeline and historical context of biblical literature and how each book fits into this lengthy history of God's people.

Baptism: Stories, Meaning, Practice (Room 21)

This five week class will explore the practice of baptism from the early church to the present.  We'll look at what it has meant and what it might mean anew.  There will be an opportunity for participants who have been baptized to briefly tell their own story of baptism and how its meaning has evolved.  Meets Nov 12 - Dec 17.

A Hunger for Healing (Room 24)

This class returns as our longest-running class, presenting the Twelve-Step method as a spiritual tool that we all can use. It will use J. Keith Miller’s book, A Hunger for Healing: The Twelve Steps as a Classic Model for Christian Spiritual Growth. This book serves as an introduction to the Twelve Steps. The Steps are presented as spiritual tools for living, growing, and healing that can be used by anyone. The class goes through the Steps one at a time by reading the book (in class), viewing an accompanying series of video interviews, along with sharing and discussion. Previous experience with the 12 Steps IS NOT required.

Anti-Racism Continued (Room 22)

This class will build on the popular anti-racism class from last year, exploring the topic of white culture bias among Christians. “In this class we'll be examining two books aimed at the dominant white Christian culture. With Rev. Michael Eric Dyson's Tears We Cannot Stop we'll examine difficult truths about the racial state of America that many of us have willfully denied. With Prof. Jennifer Harvey's Dear White Christians we'll tackle the failures of current ‘racial reconciliation’ models, and look for a better way forward including reparations.