Adult Education

Our life of learning more of God and from each other continues on Sunday mornings during the Christian Education hour.

Christian Education Classes: Fall 2019

Raising White Kids – Bethany and Josh Davey (Meets Sept 8 - Oct 13

Come join in conversation and learning surrounding Jennifer Harvey’s book Raising White Kids. White parents of three white kids, Bethany and Josh Davey will lead this five week adult Sunday School class in room 22. While the emphasis of this class will be on raising anti-racist white children of all ages, you need not be a parent, a white person, or a parent of white children to contribute to this six-week exploration in anti-racist parenting. All are welcome!

Inquirers Class - Pastor Joel Miller (Meets Oct 20 – Dec 15)

This seven-week class will explore the basics of Christian faith in an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective, as well as provide an overview of the story and life of Columbus Mennonite Church.  The class is open to anyone, with a special invitation to new attenders and those considering membership at CMC.  Meets in room 22.

Every Creature Singing – Cindy and Jim Fath

What would we see if we were to read the Bible through an ecological lens? Every Creature Singing is a curriculum developed by the Mennonite Creation Care Network that explores what it means to be faithful creatures living in God's world. Led by Cindy and Jim Fath. Meets in room 21.

A Hunger for Healing – Steve Rolfe

This class uses J. Keith Miller’s book, A Hunger for Healing: The Twelve Steps as a Classic Model for Christian Spiritual Growth. This book serves as an introduction to the Twelve Steps. The Steps are presented as spiritual tools for living, growing, and healing that can be used by anyone.  Previous experience with the 12 Steps IS NOT required. Organized by Steve Rolfe. Meets in Joel’s office.