Keeping CMC Safe Training




To provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children and youth, Columbus Mennonite Church is committed to Keeping CMC Safe: Policy for Protecting Children and Youth (KCMCS). As a part of this policy, we require an annual training of our congregation related to Keeping CMC Safe from Abuse.

The training is in two parts as you will see below.  Part 1 is reviewing the Keeping CMC Safe Policy (KCMCS). Part 2 is taking in the sermon by Laurel Neufeld-Weaver, our guest speaker on Sunday, April 23, 2017, honoring April as the National Abuse Awareness Month. The sermon is available in video and manuscript form.  (Note: the video and manuscript are not word-for-word.) Laurel, a member at First Mennonite Church of Bluffton, has over 30 years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker counselling children, couples, families, and human trafficking victims. When First Mennonite Church of Bluffton began writing their Safe Sanctuary policy, they used the KCMCS policy as a guide. Laurel’s sermon is titled “Amor a Todas Horas” (Love at All Times).  Her presentation includes statistics of child abuse, highlighting that our most vulnerable population are children ages 0-3. She shares personal experiences as well as suggesting how to expand the Safe Sanctuary policy into the community. The video will take about 20 minutes. Thank you for taking the time to do this training.

This year’s training will require everyone working with children to fill out the Application Form. If you attended the service and just need to fill out the application or affirm that you participated in the training, see the steps below the Training Instructions.

Training Instructions

To complete the annual training for Keeping CMC Safe, first open and read the KCMCS Policy.  Then choose to read or view the video of the sermon by Laurel Neufeld-Weaver. Though the manuscript and the video are not identical, the message remains the same. Training begins here:

1. KCMCS policy

2. Video (Option 1)



    Manuscript (Option 2)


After you have completed the training, please choose ONE of the following options:

1. If you do not intend to work with our children or youth, please complete and submit the participation form below.

2. If you plan to work with children, please fill out the application. Go to Resources, and click on member log in. Log in information is available from Mim. Complete and submit application. You do not need to fill out the participation form below. It is included in the application. If this is your first application, you will receive a request for three references after submission of your form.

Contact Mim Halterman, KCMCS Program Coordinator, if you have questions.


Participation in Annual Training