The Mennonite Youth Fellowship (MYF) at Columbus Mennonite is a way for youth to nurture relationships through both fellowship and service.  The group meets at least monthly for activities organized by both the sponsors and the youth themselves.  Every other summer, they attend the national Mennonite youth convention, and on the off summers, they participate in a service project of some sort.  

For a week at the beginning of summer 2016, the MYF participated in a number of service projects around Columbus as a way to get to know their own city better and see what kinds of things God is already doing in their neighborhood.  The youth helped lead activities at an area kid's club, sorted donations at a local food pantry, worked in a community garden, sorted clothing donations, and packed boxes at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.  

(Pictured above: The youth enjoy an "International Meal" with members of the congregation, sharing stories of world travel while sampling food from around the globe.)