Over the past few years, our congregation has enjoyed having various pastoral interns work among us.  When we are approached by people seeking to intern with us, it is often with the expressed hope that our congregation has something to teach them as they test out their gifts in ministry.  It takes a lot of grace to be a teaching congregation, and I am grateful for the ways that Columbus Mennonite gracefully and patiently seeks to nurture not just interns but all people stepping into new leadership roles.  Indeed, my first year as pastor at CMC was my first time in a pastoral role, and I...

Even though I’ve had my back to it for much its creation, The
Sketch (feels like it should be capitalized) has been a rich part of Lent

The idea came out of an initial observation that the
scripture readings for each week of Lent this year contain key images that fit
together into a coherent landscape.  That
landscape is now complete.


“A priest is someone who stands in a place of remarkable vulnerability, and by doing so, invites other people to enter the sacred.” 

I am currently reading the book Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity by Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman, and the quote above has been rolling around my brain for awhile.  What Edman is attempting to do in this book is show how the experiences of queer people can offer deep wisdom to the Church, because, as she argues, Christianity has always been a tradition of queerness, of navigating...

Last Saturday the CMC Leadership Team had a retreat.  For newer folks, LT is the church board. 

An annual board retreat is part of a church structure model
we’ve been moving toward in the last couple years.  We’re taking our cues from Dan Hotchkiss’s
book Governance
and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership.
  He emphasizes the centrality of 1) setting policy
and 2) visioning...

These past two weeks I’ve had an unusually high amount of
conversations with CMC folks who are overwhelmed with their jobs.  Overly busy, swamped, worn down, exhausted,
exasperated.  I started noticing a
pattern last week, then it kept coming. 
This is likely not an unusual condition. 
It’s just unusual for it to dominate the content of so many of my own
interactions with CMC folks. 

So I’m highlighting it here. 
Since we are Practicing Awareness during Lent, I’m passing along what
has come to my awareness.  In case you