This Sunday at retreat will be the final week of our worship
series on our (Membership) Commitment statement.  Which means it’s time to start a new worship

That theme, for the month of October, will be Healthy
Sexuality.  I guess that means we could
either have full or very empty pews for those four weeks.      

There are any number of ways of doing this poorly.  The Church, for its part, has done a lousy
job historically of guiding us into healthy sexuality.  The Church has largely seen sex as a
necessary evil for pro-creation,...

The headline
of this morning’s Dispatch
addresses executions in Ohio and the drugs
needed to carry them out.  Despite drug makers
warning Ohio officials not to use their products for executions, the article
details multiple occasions in which state officials acquired these drugs, sending
them to the state death chamber in southern Ohio to serve as the three drug
cocktail for lethal injections.

However, there is good news on...

This week highlights our 5th commitment: “Love
our neighbors and enemies, pursuing wholistic peace with justice.”  We didn’t plan for it to coincide with the
anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US, but it does. 

When Jesus says, in Matthew 5:44, “Love your enemies and
pray for those who persecute you,” he was talking to the crowds of people who
had come to him.  They were not the
powerful determining national foreign policy. 
They were the poor and the sick.

Julie Hart will be preaching on this topic on Sunday –

A few months back, the Christian Education Commission and I organized a workshop that was meant to help clarify the purposes of Christian Formation and set some goals to help move us toward our vision for Christian formation with children and youth.  The congregation as a whole has been doing some visioning this past year, so we thought it might be helpful to do something similar that would focus more specifically on the work of our commission.

We started the workshop by doing some brainstorming in small groups on the question, “What is the purpose and goal of Christian Formation...

At 9:30 this morning eight of us gathered in a circle in the church foyer and joined hands.  We prayed for a successful morning.  We prayed for strength and courage and peace.  Then seven of us headed out the door and drove to the ICE offices in LeVeque Tower downtown.  Edith stayed behind.