Let me start by offering our yearly reminder that the original Pride Parade was not a parade but a march to commemorate the riots that broke out in response to police brutality against the queer community.  This year will be the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. As we wave our rainbow flags and celebrate the advances that have been made toward greater justice for queer people, we should never forget those roots and how they compel us to continue to work for justice alongside the most vulnerable and oppressed among our...

[This week's midweek blog comes from our new pastoral intern, Scott Litwiller.]


Providing hospitality is one of my favorite spiritual disciplines. Cooking and preparing a meal allows me the opportunity to pause and meditate on, or pray for, those who are coming for dinner. Once they have arrived, I am able to show my love and care by serving the meal, pouring a drink, or pulling up another chair. Providing hospitality allows me to retain an amount of control and to know what to expect. Receiving hospitality, however, has been a learning curve.

Thinking of...

In a week and a half we have a unique occasion for celebration – Pastor Mark will be ordained for pastoral ministry. 

Mennonite theology values the priesthood of all believers.  We all have access to the Divine and share in
the call to embody the healing and reconciling ministry of Jesus.  We also recognize certain offices of
ministry, among them chaplains and pastors. 
The priesthood of all believers doesn’t necessarily mean the pastorhood
of all believers!

Our denominational Polity Manual says: “Ordination is an act of the church that confirms...

Yesterday I attended the convocation chapel at the Methodist
Theological School in Ohio (MTSO) which honored the careers or retiring
professors Dr. John Kampen and Dr. Linda Mercadante.  Both have Mennonite ties.  John and his wife Carol are long time members
of Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship where I pastored prior to CMC.  Linda and her husband Joe Mas attend CMC.

Both gave reflections. 
John recalled what he feels to be the most important accomplishment of his
professional career:  While teaching and
serving as Academic Dean at Payne...

This month we’re welcoming 16 new members into CMC.  Four joined this past Sunday.  Another 12 will join this coming Sunday.  As has become our custom, we’ll hear brief
reflections from each of them.  We’ll
share Communion, served by new members. 
And we’ll recite together our Membership Commitment statement – an old
practice with new (and fewer!) words.

Membership actually seems like a bit of an anomaly for how
we generally do church.  About 30 years
ago missiologist Paul Hiebert proposed the now-common categories of Bounded Set