If you were at the congregational meeting in November (or if you read the minutes, which I’m sure everyone does), you will remember hearing that I have decided to move forward with pursuing ordination.  Many within the congregation either assume that I am already ordained, or they don’t have a clear sense about what that even means.  Honestly, one of the reasons I have not started this process earlier is because I, too, have been trying to figure it all out.

What does it mean to be ordained in a tradition with a strong emphasis on the “priesthood of all believers?” 

In the...

First, a couple updates:

1)     As of
yesterday, the 24/7 vigil at the Bethel church in The Hague is no longer necessary.  The Dutch ruling
coalition has agreed to review hundreds of children’s asylum applications,
including those of the Tamrazyan family who had...

Austin McCabe Juhnke and I arrived in the Netherlands yesterday.  We ended up leaving Columbus a day early to avoid airport weather delays.  We are being hosted by a couple who attends the Mennonite church in The Haag.  They live near the Bethel church which is hosting the round the clock vigil to protect the Tamrazyan family.  They have been in the country nine years, are political refugees, and are living in the church to avoid being deported to Armenia.  Government officials will not enter...

Kerkasiel: a
customary law in the Netherlands giving a congregation the right to receive
refugees during a religious service within their building.   

A month ago a CMC member emailed me a
story about a congregation in The Haag
, Netherlands.  Like us, they are hosting a person – or in
their case a whole family – their government is trying to deport.  While we in the US have the “sensitive
locations” policy that instructs ICE officers not to...

The new year is in full swing, which means all those things that have been holding off until “after the holidays” are also beginning to gain momentum.  January is an especially full time in the life of our congregation, and if you are here for the next few Sundays, you will notice that quite a gauntlet has emerged in the church lobby.  As of this afternoon, there are four large easels with various sign-ups looming down the corridor between the front door and the entrance to the sanctuary. 

I looked up that word to make sure I was using it correctly, and, indeed, here is one...