“A priest is someone who stands in a place of remarkable vulnerability, and by doing so, invites other people to enter the sacred.” 

I am currently reading the book Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity by Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman, and the quote above has been rolling around my brain for awhile.  What Edman is attempting to do in this book is show how the experiences of queer people can offer deep wisdom to the Church, because, as she argues, Christianity has always been a tradition of queerness, of navigating...

Last Saturday the CMC Leadership Team had a retreat.  For newer folks, LT is the church board. 

An annual board retreat is part of a church structure model
we’ve been moving toward in the last couple years.  We’re taking our cues from Dan Hotchkiss’s
book Governance
and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership.
  He emphasizes the centrality of 1) setting policy
and 2) visioning...

These past two weeks I’ve had an unusually high amount of
conversations with CMC folks who are overwhelmed with their jobs.  Overly busy, swamped, worn down, exhausted,
exasperated.  I started noticing a
pattern last week, then it kept coming. 
This is likely not an unusual condition. 
It’s just unusual for it to dominate the content of so many of my own
interactions with CMC folks. 

So I’m highlighting it here. 
Since we are Practicing Awareness during Lent, I’m passing along what
has come to my awareness.  In case you

This morning I attended the Interfaith Justice Table.  It’s a monthly breakfast, convened by Rev. Dan Clark, Ohio Director of Faith in Public Life.    There were about 30 of us – mostly clergy and leaders of various faith driven not for profit advocacy groups.  There were some common commitments that initially drew this group together – especially regarding racial bias and police accountability.  The group has been very supportive of Edith and Sanctuary work.  It has also become a gathering point for various concerns and efforts.  Plus Dan makes a great breakfast casserole.


This Lent season our worship focus is Practicing Awareness.  For our family, this coincides with settling in to a new house.  There’s nothing like moving to raise your awareness.  How many boxes does it take to clean out a closet?  A garage?

When you move, just about everything calls for your
attention.  How many address change
notifications can we do today?  In which
box is the tape?  In which drawer did you
put the spatula?  Where’s my coat?  Where’s the bathroom?       

In new surroundings I feel extra aware.  I’m interested in every new...